The Bakeware Cookbook
A companion to a new line of products from Curtis Stone, The Bakeware Cookbook opens up the potential of bakeware cooking. The book features a wide variety of recipes to inspire the reader, and those dishes are the visual focus of the design. Oversized photography wraps around and lays under the cover, section pages and recipe pages.
Bright, monochromatic surfaces and textures make the color of the food pop. This allows the images be huge without overpowering and the text to overlay and read easily. We shot this book with a small but highly skilled team in a very short time, a testament to the talent of our crew.
The book is intended for everyone, even those who don't cook often, so the recipes are short with minimal ingredients. The idea of attainability comes through in the design details: units are stacked for easy scanning, and instructions are sized to be readable from a table while standing.
Flipping through, every page is a surprise; from sheet cake, to pizza, to french toast soufflés. We wanted to get readers to think bigger about bakeware cooking and while there are just under 50 recipes in the book, it feels like so much more.
Something I love about this project is the synergy of purpose and beauty. When we started, the goals of the book were first, to demonstrate the possibility of bakeware and second, do it in a way anyone can follow. These objectives drove the decisions and details that separate this cookbook from all others. It's design at its best: find the true reasons why a thing is enjoyed, and amplify them to make that thing special.
Photography: Ray Kachatorian
Food Styling: Vivian Lui
Prop Styling: Suzie Myers
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