Oakland A's
The Oakland A’s are an iconic brand with a long history and enthusiastic fans. This work shows how a proud, established brand can connect with younger audiences without alienating their loyal base. The longstanding and timeless truths of the A’s baseball heritage mesh with a modern presentation for a new generation of fans.
Created in collaboration with Hub San Francisco.
Just like its loyal fans, the brand bleeds green and gold. Flat, crisp colors feel modern. The gold bar slicing through green images has a youthful energy, contrasting the working class typefaces that pay off "Green Collar Baseball".
A requirement of the project was that it be easy to use. A toolkit explains simply how the system works with easy-to-follow guides. The green effect is achieved by simply dropping an image into a Photoshop template. 
Blending their heritage with modern sensibilities, the new look is bold and energetic. With an efficient process for ease of execution, the Oakland A’s are set for next season and beyond.

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